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Welcome Friends
Welcome to Sow Bed Kennels where we strive to provided healthy loving inside companions and outdoor trainable dogs. We have had our Boykin Spaniels since the spring of 2013 and English Springer Spaniels that will be coming in Winter of 2017. 

 Call or email us to learn more about
our breeding and referral services. Thank you for visiting Sow Bed Kennels.

Sow Bed
Litters with available puppies

  • BSS Boykin Spaniels BELLE /WHISKEY 9-11-18
  • AKC English Springer Spaniels SADIE/GUNNER 9-22-18
  • AKC English Springer Spaniels RUBY/ GUNNER soon

Boykin Spaniel
The Boykin Spaniel is a spaniel bred for hunting wild turkeys and ducks in the Wateree River Swamp of South Carolina, in the United States.  It is the state dog of South Carolina,  where it was discovered and further developed by hunters in the 1900's.  September 1st is Boykin Spaniel Day in South Carolina.
 General Description- The Boykin Spaniel is medium in size, sturdy and typically spaniel.  He is first and foremost a hunting dog with proven retrieving and flushing abilities characterized by boundless enthusiasm and endurance, moderate speed and agility.  Being intelligent and possessing a great desiree to please make the Boykin easy to train.  He is a strong swimmer, taking to the water easily and is valuable for water retrieving as well as field retrieving.  
Temperament-The typical Boykin is friendly and eager to please.  As a pet and companion he is exceptional with an amicable disposition.  Faults: Hostility towards other dogs or people in normal situation or excessive timidity or hyperactivity is not in keeping with the Boykin's character.
Size and Proportion- The Boykin is built to cover rough ground and swim in all conditions with agility and reasonable speed.  His appearance should be a sturdy dog with good but not to heavy Bone.  He should be kept to medium size-- neither too small nor too large and heavy to do the work for which he is intended.  Dog: Height- 15 1/2" to 18" Weight- 30-40 lbs. Bitch: Height-14" to 16 1/2" Weight-25 to 35 lbs.   
COLOR - The color is a solid, rich liver (reddish brown) or dark chocolate allowing for a small, white spot on the chest. No other white markings are allowed.
 At Sowbed Kennels our Boykins are used for duck hunting and dove hunting.  However because we don't live in a major flyway they spend more time playing fetch in the yard.  All of our Boykins are great with kids and the rest of the family!
Reference: www.boykinspanial.org , www.Wikipedia.org 

English Springer Spaniel
The Spaniel is thought to have originated in Spain and was perhaps introduced to ancient Britons by the Roman legions.  The Spaniel was Known in pre-Christian Britain, and is mentioned by name in an ancient law of Wales as early as 300 AD.  " Throughout the 19th and early 20th century in Britain, the smaller dogs in the same litter would be used to hunt woodcock; they were called "cockers."  Larger littermates, used to flush (or "spring") game, were called "Springer's." The Sporting Spaniel Society of Britain decided upon the name "Springer" in 1902."  The first English Springer Spaniel in North America of traceable linage was imported from England to Canada 1913.  In little more than a decade, the breed had risen from the ranks of the unknown to become numbered among the most popular of the breeds eligible for American Kennel Club Registration.
General Description- The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized sporting dog, with a
compact body and a docked tail. His coat is moderately long, with feathering on his legs, ears,
chest and brisket. His pendulous ears, soft gentle expression, sturdy build and friendly wagging
tail proclaim him unmistakably a member of the ancient family of Spaniels. He is above all a
well-proportioned dog, free from exaggeration, nicely balanced in every part. His carriage is
proud and upstanding, body deep, legs strong and muscular, with enough length to carry him
with ease. Taken as a whole, the English Springer Spaniel suggests power, endurance and agility.
He looks the part of a dog that can go, and keep going, under difficult hunting conditions. At his
best, he is endowed with style, symmetry, balance and enthusiasm, and is every inch a sporting
dog of distinct spaniel character, combining beauty and utility.
Temperament- The typical Springer is friendly, eager to please, quick to learn and willing to
obey. Such traits are conducive to tractability, which is essential for appropriate handler control
in the field. 
Size, Proportion, Substance: The Springer is built to cover rough ground with agility and
reasonable speed. His structure suggests the capacity for endurance. He is to be kept to medium
size. Ideal height at the shoulder for dogs is 20 inches; for bitches, it is 19 inches. Those more
than one inch under or over the breed ideal are to be faulted. A 20 inch dog, well-proportioned
and in good condition, will weigh approximately 50 pounds; a 19 inch bitch will weigh
approximately 40 pounds. 
Color: All the following combinations of colors and markings are equally acceptable:(1) Black
or liver with white markings or predominantly white with black or liver markings; (2) Blue or
liver roan; (3) Tricolor: black and white or liver and white with tan markings, usually found on
eyebrows, cheeks, inside of ears and under the tail. Any white portion of the coat may be flecked
with ticking. Off colors such as lemon, red or orange are not to place.
At Sowbed Kennels our Springers are used to flush Quail and also in retrieving birds in all hunting applications.  They are also very friendly and lovable companions 
Reference: AKC.ORG

General Character: The Bloodhound possesses, in a most marked degree, every point and
characteristic of those dogs which hunt together by scent (Sagaces). He is very powerful, and
stands over more ground than is usual with hounds of other breeds. The skin is thin to the touch
and extremely loose, this being more especially noticeable about the head and neck, where it
hangs in deep folds.
Height: The mean average height of adult dogs is 26 inches, and of adult bitches 24 inches.
Dogs usually vary from 25 to 27 inches, and bitches from 23 to 25 inches; but, in either case, the
greater height is to be preferred, provided that character and quality are also combined.
Weight: The mean average weight of adult dogs, in fair condition, is 90 pounds, and of adult
bitches 80 pounds. Dogs attain the weight of 110 pounds, bitches 100 pounds. The greater
weights are to be preferred, provided (as in the case of height) that quality and proportion are
also combined.
Temperament: In temperament he is extremely affectionate, neither quarrelsome with
companions nor with other dogs. His nature is somewhat shy, and equally sensitive to kindness
or correction by his master.
Color: The colors are black and tan, liver and tan, and red; the darker colors being sometimes
interspersed with lighter or badger-colored hair, and sometimes flecked with white. A small
amount of white is permissible on chest, feet, and tip of stern.
At Sowbed Kennels our Bloodhounds are used primary for tracking Deer but we are open to help
 with any tracking that may be nessesary.
Reference: AKC.ORG